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Students raise almost $15,000 in memory of US student

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The CDS family never fails to come together – in celebration and in support of each other.  One powerful example is the school’s dedication to the memory of Upper School student Blair Dismukes.

Following Blair’s tragic death in fall 2005, the Dismukes family named CDS as the receiver of memorials given by their friends and family. Those financial gifts, along with additional seed money from the family, were the beginning of the Dismukes Scholarship, a living legacy for their son. The Dismukes Scholarship provides merit scholarships for rising ninth- and tenth-grade students who demonstrate academic promise, spirited involvement, and quality of character, and who bring diversity to Carolina Day School.

A few of Blair’s classmates, along with Blair’s sister, Elizabeth Dismukes ‘11, started a monthly bake sale to raise money for the scholarship in 2006. Once Elizabeth graduated, it became tradition that a class would organize and bake the goods for each sale throughout the year. One of the monthly sale favorites continues to be the banana bread baked and contributed by Blair and Elizabeth’s mother, Chris.

In addition to the monthly bake sales, which have continued throughout the last eight years, the Upper School hosts pancake breakfasts at Applebee’s, which donates all proceeds to the scholarship. CDS students, parents, and staff volunteer their time to help cook and serve breakfast.

Since 2006, more than $14,800 has been raised for the Dismukes Scholarship. Christian Humes ‘12, Braxton Wynn ’13, Deja Shivers ‘14, Tomo Haske ‘15, and Sica Rotolo ’16 are previous scholarship recipients.

To learn more about or apply for the scholarship (the deadline for the 2013-14 school year is Friday, March 15, 2013), please click here.

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