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How CDS’s curriculum puts inquiry at the heart of learning

In the below video, curriculum coordinator Mary Ann Jaben discusses how CDS created its dynamic curriculum that puts inquiry at the heart of every lesson, every day, in every grade from Pre-K to 12. As a result, CDS graduates have the skills and tools to create, engage, compete, and thrive in an increasingly complex and interdependent global environment.

Our work to further develop the curriculum is on the cutting edge of what the best schools around the world are doing to evolve intentionally to meet the challenges that lie ahead for our children. Our commitment to this work – intentionally reshaping teaching and learning – is unique in Asheville and rare across the country. In fact, other schools are turning to us for guidance and looking at the way we are substantively improving student preparedness for a different world.

This faculty-driven curriculum mapping initiative is time intensive and thus expensive. Your contributions to the school’s Annual Fund make this curriculum advancement possible. The Annual Fund helps to cover the school’s curriculum coordinator and the faculty curriculum development workshops, supporting student experiences today and improving the strength of the school for the long term.

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Our culture is defined by our courageous, curious, and collaborative spirit. We inspire our Pre-K/12 students to lead with confidence and conviction, to wonder about things that they don’t understand, to disagree respectfully with each other, to try new things, and to develop individual passions. And, as an Honor Code school, we instill the values of honesty, integrity, and self-reliance.