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CDS alumni talk to current seniors about college transition

On January 8, 2013, CDS hosted its annual alumni panel discussion for seniors. Six alumni visited the school to speak to seniors about what to expect as they make the transition to college this fall. The event was student-led and behind closed doors (no faculty or staff members were in attendance during the conversation), which allowed current CDS students to freely ask any questions that they might have about college.

“It’s great to see how Carolina Day School is doing,” said alumna Sisira Gorthola ‘09, who is currently attending Yale University. “I hope I was able to get students excited about their future opportunities!”

This annual event is just one of the many ways we prepare students and their families for the college experience and help them identify the best fit according to each student’s interests and talents. Beginning in their sophomore year, students work with their advisors to create personalized plans that map out their individual college selection and application process.  In addition, we host financial aid seminars, coordinate and participate in college visits, assist with applications, and more. And, as a result, more than 75% of CDS students are accepted to their top choice college/university.

A huge thank you to alumni who came back to CDS to share about their college experiences.
We were so pleased to have such an array of colleges represented at the panel. It’s always a joy to see former CDS students!


Alex Burt, 2012, University of Southern California
Emily Jones, 2010, Wesleyan University
Tom Trigg, Headmaster CDS
Jenny Baker, 2012, Appalachian State University
Sisira Gorthola, 2009, Yale University
McKenzie Murphy, 2012, UNC-Chapel Hill
Katherine Thiel, 1990, Duke

Annual Alumni Panel Discussion

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