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Athletic PhotosCarolina Day School’s athletic program is participatory, comprehensive, and highly successful.  We support more than 45 athletic teams that play a total of 11 sports, including soccer, basketball, ski and snowboard, lacrosse, cross country, field hockey, tennis, volleyball, swimming, and golf. Additionally, many of our students compete with their friends in mountain bike races, triathlons, and other adventure sports activities in Asheville and surrounding areas.

We begin the athletic experience in lower school physical education classes and strengthen that experience through our Little Cat and Play for Your School Programs. Interscholastic play and competition continues in Middle School with a sports program that introduces our student-athletes to the expectations and demands of interscholastic sports in a setting that allows for individual skill development in a team-centered environment.

At the junior varsity and varsity levels, our student-athletes work with our coaches to ensure individual and team goals are being met. We stress student ownership and student leadership and, as an engaged community, understand that our athletic program complements our students’ experience in the classroom.

We celebrate the achievements of not only our state champion caliber teams, but also the first-time student athlete. Student athletes wearing the Carolina Day uniform carry on the school’s history and tradition of valuing play, where students experience much more than wins and losses; they learn teamwork, dedication, resilience, and leadership, and have fun doing it.

Below are just a few of our latest athletic headlines:

State Affiliation: North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association

Conference Affiliation: Carolinas Athletic Association

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