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Carolina Day School does not employ a ‘one size fits all’ approach to learning.  Being an independent school allows us to teach the students, not the grade levels.  Every single decision we make – from single-gender classrooms and dress codes to multi-sensory language instruction and interdisciplinary learning – is made intentionally based upon research and data about how students learn best at each age.

Our customized and unique curriculum – with inquiry-based learning at the core – is written by our teachers. We revise it frequently, applying new techniques from professional development training, cutting-edge research, and lessons learned from our own experience in the classroom.

In the video below, two Upper School students speak on what they discovered in their MicroBiology Lab.

Our teachers are models of lifelong learning. They are curious. They are energetic.  They teach by example.   Even outside of school, they are readers and writers and researchers themselves.  And they have a commitment to understanding the constantly evolving science of how children learn, thrive, and mature.

We use brain-based and interdisciplinary teaching methods to meet students where they are, recognize their own personal learning styles, and work with them to discover their gifts.  And we give students academic freedom to pursue ideas, create their own coursework, and explore real-world applications to education.